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With years of experience shaping light in the fashion world, Erica Joan Business Professional applies the same techniques with a corporate lens. 

Beyond headshots, your company's branding imagery gives your brand a voice and personality. Capture professional, authentic imagery of your brand so you can connect with your customer.


make your brand come alive.

Having professional, stylized images for your brand establishes authority and helps you connect with your target audience. That's why investing in professional branding photography sessions is so valuable – we're here to make sure you end up with images that convey who you are and what you offer.

Whether you are looking to connect with customers, refresh internal branding, or attract new clients, we customize each session to reflect your business' unique messaging, look and upcoming needs for social platforms and marketing materials.

THE process

1. vision

Tell me your vision and how I can help. Start by filling out a contact form to outline details, inspiration, timeline and anything else that’s important to your vision.

2. planning

Here we can create a moodboard and work on fine-tuning details. We will determine location, style, create a shot list and make sure we’re set up to execute the vision exactly how we want.

3. shoot!

Here’s where all our planning comes together and we make magic. This is the most fun part!

4. finalize

After capturing our images we will go through an editing and selection process. Next, I will deliver the final images so you can start sharing!


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